Katrin Havey has over a decade’s experience in sustainability, climate change, clean energy and organizational management. Having lead business development, strategic growth and communications at REEEP, she combines her academic backgrounds in language studies and international development to enhance the impact of non-profit organizations. With her track record of project management in Africa and Asia, focussing on capacity building, market development and public-private dialogue she has been successful in creating lasting results in empowering local communities. Her focus has been on sustainability in agri-food value chains and in managing international knowledge exchange amongst experts in energy efficiency, energy regulation and international law. Experienced professional in sustainable development and organizational management, in charge of operations of the Ban Ki Moon Centre for Global Citizens in Vienna. Extensive background in business development and global fundraising activities, institutional donor relations as well as new growth strategies. Skilled communicator and project manager, ensuring global positioning and implementation of international strategic projects revolving around climate change, clean energy, capacity building, empowerment and public-private partnerships.