This is our YGC interview with "Cheetahs for Change" our newest members in Halifax, Canada. They are an integral part of our movement. They are the best role models young people can hope for, and their main goal is to promote diversity and inclusion, fight racism, and serve many of the same U.N Sustainable development goals we also serve. They are the main driving force behind our upcoming book. 

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About Cheetahs for Change school: (Charles P. Allen School, Halifax, Canada)

All of the schools sports teams are called the "Cheetahs". C. P. Allen High is a member of the Nova Scotia School Athletic Federation.

The mascot of Charles P. Allen High is Charles the Cheetah. In the new building, there is a large student-made Charles mosaic on the floor of the main hallway. The school's team colours are white and navy blue.

Charles P. Allen has been an IB World School since 2007. IB Students at Charles P. Allen can take courses that include English HL/SL, French B HL, French B SL, Spanish B ab initio, Economics HL/SL, Environmental Systems & Societies SL, History HL/SL, History SL (available only in French), Biology HL/SL, Chemistry HL/SL, Physics HL/SL, Math Studies SL, Mathematics SL, Theatre HL/SL, Music HL/SL, Visual Arts HL/SL & Theory of Knowledge. The IB Diploma Prep (DP)/Pre-IB is also available for Grade Ten students.[2]